Announcement & suggestion about order plan in 2022

Dear customers,
We hope you're safe and healthy.
I'm Ashley from Yuh Field industry co., ltd. in Taiwan. You have purchased aluminum extrusion machining products from us for many years.

We have announcements below:

  1. Anodizing cost rises higher, especially liquid like phosphoric acid.
  2. International raw material's price is going up due to the supply shortage of alloy raw materials (silicon, magnesium, etc.)
  3. The shortage of aluminum alloy (like 6063 or 6061) could be possible due to the major mining countries reducing production or shifting some markets from Asia to others.

These are our suggestions:

  1. Please place the order as earlier as possible
    Please consider the lead time 4 to 6 months longer than your experience before. If you place an order today (4th Nov. 2021), the lead time will be the end of Mar 2022. If the processes are more complicated, please consider it as longer.

    If you’d like to get the goods before the middle of 2022, please make the order immediately.
    If you’d like to get the goods before the end of 2022, please make the order before the end of Nov 2021. 

  2.  Pay in advance for raw materials
    You know that you have the orders, however, you don’t know the details now.  Please give me the rough information about the quantity. I’ll provide an evaluation about the raw material. If you pay in advance for raw materials, I’ll keep the material price and the quantity for you for the whole 2022.


Please let me know ASAP if you do have a plan.
I'm sorry for making this announcement.

Once the situation is stable, I'll notice you very soon. 
We appreciate your understanding. 

Best Regards,