What is aluminum anodized finish?

What is aluminum anodized finish?

We can say that aluminum alloy in nature, through the action of time and air, will produce an oxide film, but the time required cannot be determined, and the distribution of the oxide film is uneven, long-term oxidation and erosion of the inside of the aluminum part, causing the aluminum part Fundamental damage. Aluminum anodized finish is to pass current, potion, and time, similar to forced oxidation, so that the pores of aluminum products produce a uniform film on the surface. This film not only has a protective effect, but is also resistant to wear and tear. Dyeing can be added in the process. It is of great help to industrial applications. 

Common uses of aluminum anodized finish

  1. Electrolytic capacitor 
  2. Anti-corrosion 
  3. Wear resistance 
  4. Can be colored or dyed for decoration 
  5. Become a coating base or electroplating base 
  6. Insulate from electricity or heat 
  7. It can use its porosity to form a thick film on the bearing or the bottom of the cylinder, so that it can absorb lubricant to achieve abrasion resistance. 

About aluminum anodized colors

The  aluminum anodized finish gradually extends from the original anti-corrosion, anti-rust and wear resistance functions to the aesthetic aspect of dyeing. About aluminum anodized colors, the more common ones are black, gray, blue, red, gold, and brown. Among them, black is the largest in the market. All black dyes are produced from a certain natural color as the base. Under normal light, the vision will hardly be noticeable. Unless it is in special light or equipment, it is possible to show a slight difference. Therefore, in general factories, if the anode dyeing is designated as black, usually in some tacit understanding, it is not mentioned which primary color the black is based on. 

For blue, there are many options, such as royal blue, water blue, gray blue and so on. The other colors are the same. However, the color of the anode cannot be specified by the pantone number.

The durability of About aluminum anodized colors is also a frequent concern for buyers. Due to the rise of various environmental issues, environmentally friendly dyes are also becoming increasingly popular. The advantage of environmentally friendly dyes is that direct contact with the finished product will hardly cause any harm to the human body and the environment Friendly, reducing the cost of decomposing dyes before the factory discharges wastewater. The disadvantage is that the outdoor durability is poor and the dye quality is less stable.

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