Company Overview

YUH FIELD INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is one of the aluminum extrusion anodizing three-facotries. (sn: YF)

YF team handles complecated products which need extrusion, machining, and various finish. Our products are used in mechanical parts, woodworking machines, medical beds, rehabilitation equipment, kitchenware handles, vacuum cleaners, sweeping robots,treadmill, spinning bike, etc.

With excellent aluminum machining technology, all our OEM products are made in Taiwan, we can turn out the most cost-effective products for your OEM projects. Besides, we can pack and ship goods as your entire requirement.

Our aim is to provide customers with the best service at the lowest cost in the field of aluminum extrusion and processed products. The so-called "service" not only cares about the needs of customers, but also solves various problems professionally.

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Founder Terry Yu involved aluminum industry


The 1st factory’s established


The 2nd company, YUH FIELD, established, to handle complecated machining service and trading


The 3rd factory established


Investment for one exrusion factory and one CNC factory


The third factory got ISO 9001 certificate

Production Ability

Aluminum Extrusion

Diameter from 2” to 10”
Length from 0.4” to 255”



Lathe, drill, punch, machining, tapping


Surface Treatment/finish

Burrs removing, sand blasting, brushing, polish, chamfer
Llear anodizing, anodizing dying colors, powder coating, liquid coating
Length: 118” (3000mm)


Trade Ability (YUH FIELD)

We have 50% performance for local business. For oversea business, please find below.

Shower room kits

All the items within one caton
2,000 kits/year, US$128,000/year

Refrigerate parts

6 containers/year

tubes, industrial parts

Over 10 buyers
Over 40 containers 40’/year
Over US$2,000,000/year

industrial parts

Precisely machining parts
Over US$50,000/year

Certification & proofs